Treasurer - Ulysse Nardin Chairman Luxury smartphone, manufactured by the manufacturer of Swiss watches Ulysse Nardin was presented at the elite international exhibition in Basel World 2009th year. Despite the many unique discoveries in the field of jewelry and luxury watches, which abounded in this prestigious show, smartphone Chairman was exceptional, and without exaggeration, the key event of exposure. Technical innovations Ulysse Nardin produced in close alliance with sci Innovations - the leading European manufacturers. It is worth noting that the Swiss reacted anxiously to the creation of a smartphone luxury. President Rolf Schneider refused many lucrative partnership proposals, finding them insufficiently relevant high Bracket Ulysse Nardin. Held the same creative alliance, it seems, gave both manufacturers. Appearance Ulysse Nardin Chairman owes its appearance Bobby Yampolsky - owner of the company East Coast Jewelry. It was his knowledge and expertise helped create an innovative design, does not contradict the concepts of luxury and exclusive. On the technical solution, Ulysse Nardin Chairman bothered Morten Nielsen, whose engineering findings have long been the inventions of the world industry. As a result, the product was born, which became elite "classics of the genre" in the line of hybrid smartphone. It's no secret that many products from Ulysse Nardin is often passed down from generation to generation, as opposed to trendy "phone toy" ephemera. Creating Ulysse Nardin Chairman, the company use such technology for processing and production of materials, which have...

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