Phone Sony Ericsson Multimedia Cradle Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Multimedia Cradle mobile phone, in fact, is very small in size device. And anyway, he will never be suitable for use as a standard PC or another full-scale multimedia device. However, Sony Ericsson offers its own solution to this problem. At least, it can be useful when you are at home and cell phone does not move from place to place. The company filed a patent application for device called the Multimedia Cradle (literally "the cradle of multimedia," in fact, the docking station) for mobile phones that can turn your phone into a full-fledged home media center. Phone connects to station via the system bus. Mobile Phone Multimedia Cradle includes: Microphone, speaker (or speakers for stereo sound) and a separate larger keypad for full operation of telephone, a larger display (with diagonal of about 7 inches), full, or proportionally slightly reduced, standard QWERTY-keyboard and mouse, several different computer peripheral jacks, ports, or outlets, including power outlet, USB port, video connector IEEE, port Memory Stick and Compact flash port, Korotkochastotnye transceivers for transmitting signals to other devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other protocols or FM; Now think about the opportunities that would open up to you if you had such a "cradle": Play music. Through an FM transmitter can broadcast all the music files stored on your phone music player, the next Hi-Fi stereo system or a 'boom box',...

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